An Introduction

I’ve toyed around with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. I’ll likely end up sharing a lot about myself as we get deeper into this, but for now I’ll tell you that I have a tendency to self-edit. It drives my husband crazy! It’s easier for me to just not do ___ because then I won’t have to worry about failing at ___. Here’s what I’ve come to learn over the years: self-editing leads me down a path to failure, at least to an extent. It keeps me from enjoying things to the fullest. It keeps me from going deeper with friendships. It keeps me from being the best version of myself – the one God created me to be.

So, I decided this time would be different. After messing around with the layout for what seemed like forever, fretting over which profile picture to use, and coming up with a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t do this, I finally just did it. I hit post. Thank you, Emily, for encouraging me to go for it. It’s just what I needed.

My desire is to share things that are just what I needed at that moment in time. So many times I find myself in awe of how God works. I wanted a place to record how I see Him work and move – in big ways and little ways. For example, I might be having a rough day, and He sends just the right encouragement through His Word or through a friend. Or, I might be stressing about dinner and someone posts a recipe that includes foods that everyone in my family will eat. Maybe you’re thinking “yeah, right… God’s not going to send a recipe down from Heaven.” Maybe not, but He’s in the details, right? And if I’m stressing or anxious you can bet he doesn’t want me to stay there. And what about all those times I see someone do something or hear someone say something that’s just so incredible? I want to share those things in an effort to encourage, uplift, and connect.

So there. It’s out there. My first post. My hope is that you read these few words and are excited to see what comes next. If so, please consider clicking the “Follow” button so you don’t miss it. If not, come back from time to time and see if I’ve improved. It’s a work in progress (just like me) and everyone needs time to grow.

Published by Amanda Bussey

Sister in Christ • Wife • Mom • Daughter • Friend

4 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Great introduction. You spoke of areas that many women can relate. I love the “self-edit” phrase. It has Jerri all over it. Thanks for your honesty and I look forward to growing together. Sisters in Christ🌺

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  2. We’ve already long established that we’re like the same person…lol that’s why ur husband loves us both so much! 😜😜😜


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