A Lesson Learned About Thankfulness

Every November I say that I’m going to do the challenge where you post something daily for which you are thankful. 30 days, 30 things.

November 1st comes and goes, then the 2nd and the 3rd, and before I know it, it’s mid-November and I’ve not shared a single gratitude post!

Not this year!

I know myself, and historically it’s been difficult for me to do something daily. So, I decided to do a thankfulness prayer calendar. I made the list at the beginning of the month and recorded it in my journal. Each morning during my quiet time I pray over them. Granted, it’s early November so the habit is still fresh. The important thing is that I’ve got a plan, and I’m sticking to it.

I’d like to encourage you to make a list too. Who cares if we’re already a few days in! Thankfulness is an any time activity! Add the list to your journal. Set a reminder on your phone. Do whatever you have to do – just take some time each day to be thankful.

When I took the time to sit down and think about all the people and things that matter to me, I quickly realized that I needed more than 30 days in November to record it all! Who knows – maybe one of my goals for 2021 will be to make a 365 day thankfulness calendar. Something tells me that it still won’t cover everything though. 🙂

So, today I’m leaving you with my list. It’s by no means exhaustive, but covers many of the people and things that mean a lot to me.

Taking some time to be thankful is just what I needed to do today.

1 – A savior who loves me unconditionally and went to great lengths to prove it

2 – My husband

3 – My kids

4 – My dad

5 – My mom

6 – My aunt

7 – My Indiana and Ohio family

8 – My church family

9 – My home

10 – Friends

11 – Those who serve and have served my country

12 – My kids’ music teachers

13 – Movie nights, pizza, and popcorn

14 – Volunteers who coach kids’ teams

15 – Church volunteers

16 – Coffee and a good book

17 – Teachers and administrators

18 – My Bible study ladies

19 – Good neighbors

20 – My job

21 – Health

22 – My pastors

23 – Nature

24 – Quiet mornings

25 – Support of family and friends

26 – Good food

27 – Acts of kindness

28 – Sleeping in

29 – Laughter

30 – God’s Word

Published by Amanda Bussey

Sister in Christ • Wife • Mom • Daughter • Friend

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