You’ll get to know me pretty well through my posts, but here’s a glimpse into 3 things that keep me going.

My family.

I am married to an incredible man named Todd. He serves as a pastor, and even though I may be biased, he’s pretty amazing at it. We’ve been married 15 years and have two children. Our son, Noah, is 12 and is basically a carbon copy of his father. Our daughter, Micah, is 10 and is basically a carbon copy of me. Makes for an interesting life! I’m blessed to have my parents nearby. They are the nicest and most helpful people you will ever meet. I’m also blessed to have great in-laws. They are some of the most generous and devoted people I know.

My interests.

I can’t say that I have hobbies, but I’ve got lots of interests: cooking, spending time at the beach, hikes, bike rides, sports, music, reading, and serving at my church are a few of them. I also like evenings by the fire pit, games nights, and anything caramel.

My faith.

I trust that God’s plan is the best and that His timing is perfect. I don’t always understand it, but every time He’s proved that anything I could imagine pales in comparison to what He’s doing.

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