A Lesson Learned About Thankfulness

Every November I say that I’m going to do the challenge where you post something daily for which you are thankful. 30 days, 30 things. November 1st comes and goes, then the 2nd and the 3rd, and before I know it, it’s mid-November and I’ve not shared a single gratitude post! Not this year! IContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Thankfulness”

A Lesson Learned About What Love Requires

Have you ever re-read something and realized that you missed a lot of information the first time you read it? Maybe you missed an important detail or it just didn’t click the first time.  This has happened to me numerous times – with books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, even songs I’ve listened to. TakeContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About What Love Requires”

A Lesson Learned About the 5 Minute Meeting

September got away from me. Did it get away from you, too? Between celebrating my daughter’s birthday, the start of school, the start of sports, the start of music lessons, work, and just the rebooting of life in general (hallelujah)… it’s the suddenly the end of September, and I haven’t checked off everything from myContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About the 5 Minute Meeting”

A Lesson Learned About Legacy

Our tech director shared a story last Sunday during our pre-service warmup that I just can’t get out of my head.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Alfred Nobel – at the very least you know about his peace prize. What I didn’t realize was the story behind how that last name came to be soContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Legacy”

A Lesson Learned About Perspective

My distain for reading glasses. My mom’s cataract surgery. The movie Soul Surfer. Let’s start with my distain for reading glasses.  I’m in my forties, yet I have 80 year old eyes. Every year since 4th grade I’ve gone to the eye doctor, and every year he’s had to make my prescription a little bitContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Perspective”

A Lesson Learned About Grief and Ice Cream

One of the hardest chapters of my life involved a season of infertility. How’s that for an opener? Nothing like just jumping right in to a deep subject, right? The reason I’m revisiting this part of my journey now is because I had the opportunity to take part in an emotional and spiritual care trainingContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Grief and Ice Cream”

A Lesson Learned About Lies

I’m going to share something with you that I don’t really like to admit. I need to admit it, though, because I want to face it head on and completely stop doing this from now on. By speaking the thing aloud, I’ll be held more accountable. Hold me accountable, OK?  Here it is… I sometimesContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Lies”

A Lesson Learned About Honest Assessments

Have you ever heard or read something that just stopped you in your tracks? I’m not talking about the times you’ve seen or heard something so outlandish and crazy that you’re just left in a state of confusion. I’m talking about those times you saw or heard something so amazing or insightful that you hadContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Honest Assessments”

A Lesson Learned About Messes

I have to confess… I will let the idea of a potential mess or need to redo something prevent me from allowing my kids to engage in something that is likely going to be a lot of fun for them. Take my son, Noah, for example. He loves to bake. And not simple things likeContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Messes”

A Lesson Learned About Praying Out Loud

People say praying is the easiest thing in the world – like talking to your best friend. Problem is though, I struggle with what to say to people sometimes. I’ve spent my life talking, both professionally and personally, yet I default to quiet. Quiet is good, but I’ve found that with my relationships I needContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Praying Out Loud”