Time for an Honest Assessment

Have you ever heard or read something that just stopped you in your tracks? I’m not talking about the times you’ve seen or heard something so outlandish and crazy that you’re just left in a state of confusion. I’m talking about those times you saw or heard something so amazing or insightful that you hadContinue reading “Time for an Honest Assessment”

I learned something about messes….

I have to confess… I will let the idea of a potential mess or need to redo something prevent me from allowing my kids to engage in something that is likely going to be a lot of fun for them. Take my son, Noah, for example. He loves to bake. And not simple things likeContinue reading “I learned something about messes….”

The Fear of Praying Out Loud

People say praying is the easiest thing in the world – like talking to your best friend. Problem is though, I struggle with what to say to people sometimes. I’ve spent my life talking, both professionally and personally, yet I default to quiet. Quiet is good, but I’ve found that with my relationships I needContinue reading “The Fear of Praying Out Loud”

The Need for Breathing Room

Last summer I worked through Sandra Stanley’s devotional titled “Breathing Room” and was convicted to change my ways. It didn’t happen right away. In fact, it took a pandemic! But I got there. I didn’t realize how much I needed breathing room until it was imposed on me. I knew on paper I needed itContinue reading “The Need for Breathing Room”

The Importance of Prepositions

I’m a self-proclaimed grammar nerd. I cringe when people use apostrophes incorrectly. I make my children restate the question or statement if they end it with a preposition. At this point you’re either nodding your head in full agreement or you’re wondering if I’ll judge your grammar next time we speak. I will no doubtContinue reading “The Importance of Prepositions”