A Lesson Learned About the 5 Minute Meeting

September got away from me. Did it get away from you, too? Between celebrating my daughter’s birthday, the start of school, the start of sports, the start of music lessons, work, and just the rebooting of life in general (hallelujah)… it’s the suddenly the end of September, and I haven’t checked off everything from myContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About the 5 Minute Meeting”

A Lesson Learned About Breathing Room

Last summer I worked through Sandra Stanley’s devotional titled “Breathing Room” and was convicted to change my ways. It didn’t happen right away. In fact, it took a pandemic! But I got there. I didn’t realize how much I needed breathing room until it was imposed on me. I knew on paper I needed itContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Breathing Room”