A Lesson Learned About Thankfulness

Every November I say that I’m going to do the challenge where you post something daily for which you are thankful. 30 days, 30 things. November 1st comes and goes, then the 2nd and the 3rd, and before I know it, it’s mid-November and I’ve not shared a single gratitude post! Not this year! IContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About Thankfulness”

A Lesson Learned About What Love Requires

Have you ever re-read something and realized that you missed a lot of information the first time you read it? Maybe you missed an important detail or it just didn’t click the first time.  This has happened to me numerous times – with books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, even songs I’ve listened to. TakeContinue reading “A Lesson Learned About What Love Requires”